Alkirna Nocturnal Tours, American River, Kangaroo Island

Alkirna Nocturnal Tours conducts guided nature tours to experience Kangaroo Island wildlife at night. Tours start from American River, a small town on a tidal inlet. During the tour you will visit a Little Penguin colony, see Brush-tailed Possums, Tammar Wallabies, Western Grey Kangaroos, and perhaps some nocturnal birds or an Echidna.

If you are based in American River, they will come round and pick you up; otherwise you will be picked up at American River General Store. You should bring comfortable shoes, as you will be doing some walking, long pants and jacket, as nights can be chilly. Binoculars are handy for doing a bit of star-gazing on clear nights, and a camera would be handy. Tours take a maximum of twelve passengers (minimum two passengers). Apart from the stop at the penguin colony, for a fair bit of the tour you will be driving around looking for animals in the headlights.

From American River, you will head east to Penneshaw, the home of the largest Little Penguin colony on Kangaroo Island. On the way to Penneshaw you will see a variety of nocturnal animals such as Tammar Wallabies, Brush-tailed Possums, Western Grey Kangaroos, and less commonly Boobook Owls, Stone Curlews and bats. Most of these animals are hard to find during the day, except for the Grey Kangaroos.

At Penneshaw you will spent some time watching the Little Penguins. You won’t be allowed to take flash photos of the penguins, so learn how to use the low light settings on your camera beforehand if you want photos. In summer when sun sets later, you may see penguins arriving back on shore after a day at sea. You will see the birds socializing and depending on time of year you may also see courtship, mating or chick feeding.

On the way back to American River, if it is a cloudless night, you will stop to have a look at the stars. The dark pollution free skies on a clear night give a great view of the southern sky that you will not see from the mainland cities.

Back in American River, your tour will wrap up with a drive around town to see the Tammar Wallabies that feed in gardens and reserves around the town. You might even spot an Echidna out on a night prowl. You will then be dropped off where you were picked up either at your accommodation or at the American River General Store.

The town and foreshore have rich birdlife including the rare Glossy Black Cockatoo. Tours normally depart at 8.30pm and last about two hours. Advance bookings are required. Tours are not conducted during February, as most of the penguins are at sea feeding at that time.

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