Platypus Eco Tours, Cumbungi Sanctuary, Mylor, South Australia

Cumbungi Sanctuary is located at Mylor in the Adelaide Hills just 25 minutes from the centre of Adelaide. The Sanctuary is a ten hectare refuge for native Australian animals. Platypus Eco tours offers you the chance to see and photograph platypus in their natural environment at Cumbungi.

Tours depart one hour before sunset (you will need to confirm actual tour time when you book). The tour last two hours, and you will be taken round in a small group (maximum of ten people) by an experienced guide. You will be able to see the platypus from a viewing deck and boardwalks. During the tour you can see the platypus quite close. (You are guaranteed to see a platypus – if you don’t you will be offered another nocturnal platypus tour for free). There is an underwater observatory to see to bottom of the platypus ponds. Visitors can view glass shrimp, small yabbies and other small invertebrates that make up the main diet of the platypus

During your tour you will see other native animals. Look out for Southern Brown Bandicoots, Potoroos, Woylies, Rufous Bettongs, Red-necked Wallabies, Tammar Wallabies, Kangaroos, Euros, Koalas, Quolls and Possums.

The first platypuses at the Sanctuary were originally relocated from the Rocky River in the Flinders Chase National Park over on Kangaroo Island. (The Platypus is an introduced species on Kangaroo Island. It was brought to Flinders Chase way back in 1928). The platypus at Cumbungi first bred in 1998, and the population has continued to grow since then. The property was originally a market garden when it was bought by Earth Sanctuaries. In 1991, Earth Sanctuaries constructed Lake Cumbungi, the adjoining ponds, boardwalk, decks, a pontoon bridge and three underwater observatories. The objective was to develop a habitat for breeding platypus. This project was a major undertaking in the breeding of platypus in captivity and is one of the very few places in Australia to achieve this. Thousands of native trees were planted and the property was fenced and other native wildlife was introduced.

The privately owned Cumbungi Sanctuary is located on Williams Road at Mylor. Tours start time is normally one hour before sunset. Since sunset varies from about 5:10pm in winter to 8:30pm in summer, you will need to check actual time when booking. You will need to be Cumbungi Sanctuary at least 15 minutes before your tour time.

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