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Perth Zoo, Perth, Western Australia

Perth Zoo is situated the on the banks of the Swan River just five minutes from the centre of Perth. The Zoo opened in 1898, and has been open every day since then. Although Perth Zoo is fairly small, it is one of the best Zoos in Australia. The number of animals species exhibited at the Zoo is about 200. As at June 2006 there were 62 species of mammals, 81 species of birds, 42 species of reptiles and 11 species of frogs.

Peel Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Pinjarra

Peel Zoo and Botanical Gardens houses one of the largest collections of birds in Western Australia. The zoo has 136 separate aviaries including huge walk in aviaries, all set in tropical and native surrounds. Peel is one of Australia’s newest Zoos, opening in 2006. The Zoo won a bronze award in the Western Australian Tourism Awards in 2007.

There are lots of animals at Peel Zoo that you may feed and pat including kangaroos, emus, deer, goats, a fox, some ferrets and various Australian birds in the walk through aviaries. The zoo is also home to various Australian animals including Wombats, Koalas, Long-nosed Potoroos, Bettongs and Spotted-tailed Quolls. The Zoo houses a sizable collection of native birds, exotic birds, snakes and reptiles. Reptiles at the park include Western Stimson’s Python, Black Headed Python, Ridge-tailed Monitor

Big Swamp Wildlife Park, Bunbury

Big Swamp Wildlife Park in Bunbury, Western Australia has over sixty species of Australian birds and mammals. Visitors can walk amongst the birds and hand feed the parrots in the large free flight aviary. The park has landscaped aviaries and gardens, and you can hand feed the free roaming kangaroos and wallabies. Although the park is fairly small, it makes a pleasant and inexpensive family outing, and an attractive location to enjoy a picnic lunch. It is also a good place to introduce overseas visitors to some of the Australian birds and animals.

Eagles Heritage, Margaret River, Western Australia

Eagles Heritage at Margaret River is the largest wildlife centre dedicated to raptors in Australia, and is home to the largest collection of Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls in the country. The park is set on nine acres of natural bushland. Eagles Heritage was established in 1987 to provide homes for permanently disabled birds of prey and owls which could not be released into the wild. These birds had been rescued and cared for by volunteers, but because of the nature of their injuries were unable to recovery sufficiently to survive in the wild. The park opened to the public in 1998. The birds on display at Eagles Heritage are a mix of permanently disabled birds, captive bred birds and birds transferred from other facilities.

Caversham Wildlife Park & Zoo, Whiteman Park, Perth

Caversham Wildlife Park & Zoo is a private wildlife park located about 20 kilometres from the centre of Perth. The park started in 1987 with a small collection of animals and birds on a two hectare property. In May 2003 the park relocated to Whiteman Park. The park now features about 200 species and more than 2000 animals all housed in walk through or walk in enclosures. The park runs a breeding program and has bred Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Koalas, Grass Owls and Cassowaries. The park is owned by David and Pat Thorn.

Monarto Zoo, Monarto, South Australia

Monarto Zoo is an open range sanctuary set in about 1000 hectares of undulating open woodland. It plays an important role in breeding programs for endangered animal species. It is an ideal environment for wildlife from Savannah grasslands and semi-arid habitats of Africa, Asia, South America and Australia.

South Bruny National Park, Bruny Island, Tasmania

South Bruny National Park is situated on the southern tip of Bruny Island off the Tasmanian south east coast. The park stretches along the coast from Fluted Cape to the southern part of Great Taylors Bay. Bruny Island is separated from mainland Tasmania by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

The area was designated South Bruny National Park in 1997 for its magnificent coastal scenery with towering cliffs, rocky headlands and long sandy beaches. The park extends several kilometres from the shore in some parts protecting areas of rainforest with several endemic plant species. South Bruny National Park is a popular tourist destination where visitors are attracted by the rugged coastal scenery and rich bird life. Adventure Bay has sheltered swimming areas, as does Jetty Beach. Cloudy Bay is a popular surfing spot.

Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek, Tasmania

Trowunna Wildlife Park started caring for native animals about 30 years ago. The Park houses the largest heritage population of endangered Tasmanian Devils in the world. Trowunna is unique in that it only cares for native Tasmanian fauna, except for the Koalas which have been bred there for over 20 years. Trowunna has been used as a natural setting to capture native wildlife for numerous photo shoots, documentaries, and television shows over the past 30 years.

Symbio Wildlife Gardens, Helensburgh, near Sutherland

Symbio Wildlife Gardens near Wollongong is a family owned zoo, and one of the largest privately owned freehold zoos in New South Wales. Bordering the Royal National Park, Symbio occupies sixteen acres of bushland about 45 minutes south of Sydney and 25 minutes north of Wollongong . Symbio started in 1975 as a small wildlife park and has now gown to an award winning zoo and tourist attraction. Major redevelopment has taken place since the park was bought by the Radnidge family back in 2000. In 2004, an award-winning freshwater crocodile habitat was built. Other recent additions to the park include the Meerkat exhibit and Marmoset Monkeys and Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys exhibit.

Kings Canyon Resort, Watarrka National Park, Northern Territory

Watarrka National Park in the Northern Territory covers 71,000 hectares and is situated 215 km west-south-west of Alice Springs. This scenic landscape is a refuge for many plants and animals, making the Park an important conservation area and major tourist attraction of central Australia. Watarrka is home of the spectacular Kings Canyon featuring ancient sandstone walls rising up to 100m to a rocky plateau from the arid Spinifex grasslands below. Kings Canyon Resort is located off the main highway between Ayers Rock and Alice Springs just seven kilometres from Watarrka National Park. The landscape is amazing with rocky crags and huge buttresses carved out of the sandstone sides by the elements over millenniums. Ancient marine fossils etched into the rock show the geological changes that have taken place over time.