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Daydream Island, Whitsundays, Queensland

Daydream Island is a stunning and quiet island located in the Whitsunday’s island chain within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Whitsundays Coast Islands are probably the most famous of all of the Queensland Islands, totaling 74 different islands.

Daydream Island – one kilometer long and half a kilometer wide – is well-suited for couples and families.

Natural environment

Daydream Island has three beaches, one of which – Lover’s Cove Beach – is surrounded by live coral and diverse fish life, providing a great venue for snorkeling right from the beach.

Cocos Keeling Islands, Australia

The Cocos and Keeling Islands are an Australian territory, located in the Indian Ocean about halfway between Sri Lanka and Australia. The island group consists of 2 atolls and 27 coral islands.

Cocos Islands are not for holidaymakers seeking fancy resorts, plentiful shopping opportunities, an active restaurant or nightlife, or a plethora of water sports and activities.

Instead, the Cocos Islands are for folks who want to get away…from it all. If you imagine yourself walking along on a deserted beach or swinging in a quiet hammock, not hounded by beach boys or too many rowdy families, this is the place for you.

Christmas Island, Australia

Christmas Island is probably best known to Australians for its processing centre for asylum seekers, but this island has a lot to offer as a travel destination. It is a quiet tropical island located in the Indian Ocean south of Jakarta, Indonesia. Though an Australian territory, it is rich in Malay and Chinese culture due to historical influences – it is just 360km away from Java but 2600km north-west of Perth, Australia.

Christmas Island is quite off the beaten (tourist) path, making it an ideal spot for travelers who want to get away from it all.

Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Bribie Island has something for everyone – white sandy beaches, protected rainforest, convenient towns, and accessibility by road from the mainland.

34km long and 8km wide, it is home to about 15,000 residents.  The island offers a 30km white sandy beach on its eastern side. The northern three-quarters of the island is an undeveloped and protected Recreation Area (a national park), whereas the southern end – where the bridge is located – is mostly developed. Over 80% of the population lives on the island’s western shore.

Bedarra Island, Queensland, Australia

Part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Bedarra is a privately-owned island in the middle of the Family Islands National Park (the island itself is not part of the national park).

Bedarra Island is small, about 1km in size, and is located about halfway between Townsville and Cairns (130km south-east of Cairns), off the northern Queensland coast.

The best way to describe Bedarra is as a tranquil, secluded, and exclusive place to escape.

Brampton Island, Queensland, Australia

Brampton Island is a small remote island 32 kilometers off the coast of Mackay in Queensland, Australia.  The beautiful island is the southernmost island of the renowned Whitsunday Island Passage.

The island is known for its beautiful national park, the Brampton Islands National Park, which takes up most of the island’s 770-hectare landmass.  The island is also located within the UNESCO Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area.

Brampton Island offers but one accommodation option, a Voyages resort.