Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, Adelaide, South Australia

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is protected area for rare and endangered species just 20 minutes from the centre of Adelaide. The Sanctuary was established in 1969 on 35 acres of former dairy land. The pastures were replanted with Australian native trees and shrubs to attract native animals and birds. In 1982, the entire area was enclosed with fencing to keep out feral predators. After the fencing was completed, bird numbers increased and a program to release animals back into the Sanctuary was commenced.

Warrawong is now home to over a hundred species of birds and many species of native mammals. Visitors to Warrawong have the opportunity to see native wildlife in a protected bushland habitat. Animals at Warrawong include Red Kangaroo, Koala, Rufous Bettong , Bilby, Tammar Wallaby, Potoroo, Red-necked Wallaby, Brushtail Possum, Western Grey Kangaroo, Platypus, Eastern Quoll , Red-necked Pademelon, Ringtail Possum, Woylie and Southern Brown Bandicoot. It is one of the best places to see Platypus in a natural habitat. Warrawong is the only place on mainland South Australia where the platypus reproduces in the wild.

Warrawong is open for Self Guided Walks from 9am until 4pm (admission is free for Self Guided Walks). Pick up a trail map and take a stroll through the Sanctuary, but you must remain on the boardwalks and paths to protect the animals and their habitat. From the boardwalks around the wetlands you will see Freshwater turtles, yabbies and fish. As you walk along the paths through the bushland you will see kangaroos and wallabies and perhaps some smaller marsupials such as Potoroos. Look up and see koalas in the gum trees. Remember that the animals are in a natural setting and many of them are nocturnal, so you will not see all the animals “on the list” on a quick afternoon stroll. You need to be patient, and you will definitely see more animals if you do the guided night walk.
Twice a day at 11am and 2pm there is an entertaining and educational Animal Show where you get to meet and learn about some of the animals. This is an interactive show where you can get up close with some of Australia’s more unusual animals including marsupials, birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders, and insects.

Nocturnal Guided Walks are available, giving you the opportunity to see the nocturnal animals such as Bettongs, Pottoroos and Bandicoots come to life after their day time rest. Nocturnal Guided Walks tours leave each evening at sunset and bookings are required.

Family Feed Walks are designed for families with very young children. Each evening, an hour before sunset, you will be taken with a guide to feed the nocturnal animals, who awaken at this time, after sleeping during the day.

The Bilby Café and Restaurant is open all day for tea, coffee, cakes. Lunches are served from noon to 2pm, and dinner from 6pm to 8pm. Warrawong also caters for school excursions, birthday parties, conferences and weddings. Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is located 18 km from Adelaide. Take the South Eastern Freeway, turn off at Stirling exit and follow Longwood Road. After 5km turn off into Stock Road.

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