White Kangaroos at Bordertown Wildlife Park, South Australia

Bordertown in South Australia is the birthplace of Bob Hawke, the former Prime Minister of Australia, and is also known for the colony of white kangaroos, found in the Bordertown Wildlife Park. The 4.5 hectare park was developed in 1968 and is situated near the turn-off from the Dukes Highway at the eastern approach to Bordertown. The Park is unusual in that there is no public entrance to the park. However, you can walk or drive around and see the white kangaroos through the fence.

The park is most famous for its colony of white kangaroos (a white strain of the Western Grey Kangaroo). The white kangaroo that started the colony was a male captured in 1980, on a property near the South Australia and New South Wales border and brought to the park. White offspring fathered by this male increased the number of white kangaroos, and now there is colony of them. The first white joey at the park was born in 1984. Over fifty white kangaroos have been bred at the Park, with many sent to parks and reserves around the country. The Bordertown Wildlife Park is a sanctuary for a variety of other native birds and animals. Animals in the park include Red Kangaroos, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Western Grey Kangaroos, Red Necked Wallabies, Dama Wallabies, Emus and various other bird life.

Bordertown Wildlife Park is situated south of Adamson Terrace (on the opposite side of Dukes Highway to the racecourse). You are welcome to walk round and look at the kangaroos, but feeding by visitors is not allowed

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