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  Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis)

Growling Grass Frog | Litoria raniformis photo
Growling Grass Frog

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Growling Grass Frog | Litoria raniformis photo
A light green Growling Grass Frog, (Litoria raniformis) from northern Tasmania.

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The Growling Grass Frog is a mottled bright green and bronze colour above, often with dark brown bumps. The underside is pale cream. It has a light brown stripe from behind the eye to the base of the hind leg. The thighs are blue green. It is similar to the Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria aurea).

Other Names
Southern Bell Frog, Warty Swamp Frog

up to 10 cm

Often found amongst dense reeds or along swampy grasslands in woodland, shrubland, open and coastal areas. Breeds in swamps, permanent dams, ponds and lakes

The female lays up to several thousand eggs in a loose pile.

The Growling Grass Frog is found in southern South Australia along the Murray River though Victoria to New South Wales, and populations through Tasmania.

distribution map showing range of Litoria raniformis in Australia

Map is from Atlas of Living Australia website at https://biocache.ala.org.au licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License

Conservation Status
The conservation status in the 2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals is "endangered".

Common Name:Growling Grass Frog

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