Australian Wildlife

About OzAnimals

The OzAnimals site features photographs of hundreds of species of Australian animals. Many of the photos on the site are our own, although there are a number by other photographers. The site is not associated with any professional wildlife or photography organization.

Sources of Information

Various reference books have been used in identification of the animals. You can see some of these on the Books page. Also many web resources have been used, and a selection of them is included on the References page. Where we have been stuck, the folks at www.flickr.com and other online communities have been helpful in identifying species.

Although a fair bit of effort goes into identifying the creatures, it is highly likely that a few of the species will have been identified incorrectly. It isn’t always possible to identify a species fully from looking at photos, especially for the insects and spiders where there are so many similar looking species. We would like to thank visitors to the site who have pointed out errors. It is always good to get emails telling us we have got something wrong – that helps to improve our knowledge and improve the quality of info on the site. Keep the emails coming.

Content Rating

The site is primarily aimed at the general public. The language is generally non-technical with scientific terminology kept to a minimum.

Use of Photos

Every photo displays the photographer and license information under it – some of them are Creative Commons licensed, others are “all rights reserved” copyright. All the photos have higher resolution images available – contact us for further information. Rates for commercial use are available on request.