Australian Wildlife

Care of Orphaned and Injured Animals

A number of people have emailed asking how to care for orphaned or injured wildlife. The links below may help you to get in touch with a wildlife care organisation in your state.

Fauna Search Australian Native Animal Directory. This National facility is home to the most comprehensive list of wildlife care groups in Australia, with about 250 listings.
O.N.A.R.R - Orphan Native Animal Rear & Release Association Inc. Qld ONARR is a non-profit organization involved in the rescue, raising, rehabilitation, release of Australian orphaned native wildlife in the South East Queensland area.
Wildlife Victoria WildLine is Wildlife Victoria’s 24-hour emergency telephone service for people needing help with injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.
RSPCA-ACT Injured wildlife RSPCA ACT Wildlife your wildlife carer of choice is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release into the wild of native animals in the Australian Capital Territory.
Parks and Wildlife Tasmania - Caring for Orphaned Animals These notes have been designed to give the animal a better chance of survival during short term care or in an emergency
WIRES - NSW Wildlife Information & Rescue Service WIRES rescues and cares for injured, sick or orphaned wildlife until they can be released back into the wild.
Wildlife rehabilitation groups in NSW Get contact details for wildlife care and rescue organisations licensed by the NPWS.
Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service (W.R.E.S.) W.R.E.S. is a Victorian organisation involved in rescue and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wildlife.
Western Australia To be put in touch with the nearest wildlife rehabilitator wherever you are in the State of WA, please call the Statewide 24 hour Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055
WA Seabird Rescue WA Seabird Rescue has members Statewide, please call our 24/7 number - 0418 952 683 - for help and assistance with sea and water birds

Grey Kangaroo Joey (Macropus giganteus)
This tiny Grey Kangaroo is being looked after by a wildlife carer in Brisbane. The young are born without fur and develop in the pouch. Orphaned young like this need special care to survive. Photograph copyright Rose Darroch - all rights reserved. Used with permission.  (www.aussieanimalmagic.com)