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  Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus)

Western Grey Kangaroo | Macropus fuliginosus photo
Western Grey Kangaroo taken at Donnelly Mills, Western Australia

Image by Sean Mack - Some rights reserved.    (view image details)

Western Grey Kangaroo | Macropus fuliginosus photo
Grey Roo with Joey, taken at Donnelly Mills, Western Australia.

Image by Sean Mack - Some rights reserved.    (view image details)


The Western Grey Kangaroo is greyish-brown to reddish-brown in colour. Their muzzles have finer hairs than most other kangaroo species. Dark brown face, often with a line of white outlining the lower face. Eastern greys are lighter overall with a grizzled grey face. Throat, ear edges and other light parts contrast strongly with rest of pelt. White patch on upper thighs can be seen when animal is facing the other way or moving away.

Other Names
males are known as stinkers due to their strong, curry-like smell.

Head & body length - 1 m. Tail Length - 1m. The males can grow to more than two metres from head to tail. The females are smaller

They live in woodlands, open forests, coastal heath land, open grassland, scrubland and also can be found on city outskirts and golf courses.

grasses and herbs

Breeding occurs throughout the year, with peak in summer. Gestation takes about 36 days. Newborn young climbs into the pouch, attaching itself to one of t he four teats. The joey leaves the pouch at about 11 months of age. The joey suckles from the mother until about 18 months old, and by then another young may be in the pouch.

West Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and south west parts of New South Wales, also south west Queensland.

distribution map showing range of Macropus fuliginosus in Australia

Map is from Atlas of Living Australia website at https://biocache.ala.org.au licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License

Common Name:Western Grey Kangaroo

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