Australian Wildlife

Australian Mites and Ticks

FAMILY : Hard Ticks

Scrub Tick
(Ixodes holocyclus,)
Scrub Tick
Ticks are Arachnids, but not true spiders. In Australia there are about 70 species of ticks. The Scrub Tick or Paralysis Tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a native species. It has a hard body (dorsal plate) and piercing mouthparts with backward pointing... Click to continue>

FAMILY : Mites

Spider Mite
(Tetranychidae family )
Spider Mite
Spider Mites are usually found on the under sides of leaves of plants. They can damage the plant by puncturing plant cells to feed. Most Spider Mites are less than 1 mm in size and vary in color. Many species spin a silk web to protect the colony... Click to continue>

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