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Australian Crocodiles

FAMILY : Crocodiles

Freshwater Crocodile
(Crocodylus johnstoni)
Freshwater Crocodile
The Freshwater Crocodile is grey or greenish-brown above, with mottled flanks. Long, smooth and slender snouts. A freshwater crocodile can be distinguished from an estuarine crocodile by its narrow snout and evenly shaped and sized needle-like teeth. Click to continue>
Saltwater Crocodile
(Crocodylus porosus)
Saltwater Crocodile
The Saltwater Crocodile is grey or brown with whitish underside. It has strong stout body, with large head and heavy jaws. Juveniles are normally pale tan in colour with black stripes and spots on the body and tail. Click to continue>

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